Another beautiful blond
babe from
Feather Downs
Labradors.  Thank you so
much Rhiann for such a
wonderful example of a
labrador retriever.  This girl
is simply AWESOME.  
Perfect in every way: Drive,
Trainability, and Looks...
Who could ask for more!
Ava is everything a Lab should be.  I can't wait to see what this girl has in
store for me.  We have very high hopes for her!  As soon as Ava was
home, she mooched her way in our hearts.  So lovable and kissable!!!!
  Ava is a very powerful girl who could go all day long in the field.  I'm
excited with the progress of our field training and hope to enter our first
hunt test this winter.  She is excelling in obedience and rally as well!  So
she's not just another pretty face!

(Trinity's Judgement Day X Ch Feather Downs Casual Affair)
Whelped Sept. 04, 2004
OFA Good/Elbows Normal  CERF '09
Optigen Normal/Clear
OFA Heart Doppler Clear
South Arkansas Kennel Club 02/17/2008: 1st, RWB
Ava's Accomplishments:
Ava recieves her Canine Good Citizen (CGC)!!!
North Arkansas Kennel Club 04/19/08: 95 3rd
North Arkansas Kennel Club 04/20/08: 94 2nd
North Arkansas Kennel Club 04/17/08: 86 2nd
Visit Ava's daughters: RUBY and EMBER